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Kala for Business at the service of professionals

Are you a consultant, broker, banker, trustee, notary or an investment agency? Our white label services are for you.

More than 1'500 financials already use our services.

Financial advisor and his client


What is it for?

Kala for Business allows industry professionals to have their own mobile application and/or website.

Search for your clients' assets

Do your clients a favor by doing a systematic search during each of your consulting sessions.

You do not sell anything, you find

This will be the flagship product that will allow you to stand out to the customer, get thanks and recommendations from other customers.

Increase your income

Statistically, you will find 12'838 CHF for each of your clients. You will be paid an average of 320 CHF per customer who has completed the process.

Easy to integrate process

Since the entire process can be done in less than 3 minutes, it is a process that you can easily integrate into your business model.

Mobile application and/or website with your colors

Showing the customer a mobile application in their own company colors always has a positive effect. Our services can also be integrated through our API if you already have an application.

For existing and new customers

With the ability to search remotely for your clients, this is a great service during a follow-up.

Take advantage of free commissioning

For a limited time, activation fees are offered under certain conditions.


Kala for business


Kala for Business provides an efficient and cost-effective solution for consultants, improving client management and automating administrative processes.

Search for assets in 3 minutes
Quickly and easily search for customer assets in minutes.
Real time tracking
Track the status of all open requests from A to Z and be notified of updates.
Effective communication with customers
Ability to communicate effectively with customers to provide real-time updates.
Automation of administrative processes
Our automated processes make work easier for faster and more efficient processing of requests.
Processing of large numbers of requests
Process and manage a large number of requests simultaneously with the mobile application and dashboard.
Rapid repatriation of assets for clients.
Use the gateways set up to quickly repatriate recovered assets for your customers.

Application to your colors

White label

Customize Kala for Business with your company colors and logo. Create an access for each of your consultants and keep an overview of your entire structure.

Kala for business

If you are interested, contact us!

Contact a Kala consultant to discuss terms and conditions and get a demo.

Tool for professionals

Custom Dashboard and application

Log in and access the Dashboard to track your customers' requests efficiently.

Track the status of your requests.
Kala offers you a tool that allows you to know exactly where your requests are. Has the request been sent to the 2nd Pillar Central Office? Have any assets been recovered? Have any assets been repatriated?
Define which assets will be repatriated.
Kala handles the repatriation of recovered assets for your client. You can check the status of your request at any time.
Electronically signed contracts.
Have your client sign electronically and open a deposit with our banking partner.
Kala dashboard


Recurring remuneration

In addition to the upfront commission of up to 3% that you can charge to the client, you will bring extremely important value to your business, with recurring remuneration linked to management fees.

Product screenshot

Turnkey site

A tool to get new customers

Get a replica of our website in your colors. You will be able to market and obtain new research requests that will lead to a global consulting appointment.