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An explanation of the different steps of the process and the waiting times.

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Simply put, every time a termination or change of professional activity occurs, of which the most frequent cases are:

  • Change of employer
  • Unemployment
  • Sabbatical leave
  • Bringing up children
  • Divorce
  • Moving out of Switzerland permanently
  • You are not sure that your accrued funds have been transferred every time you changed or terminated your activity.
  • You are looking for equity for your future house.
  • You are looking for equity to start your own business.
  • You wish to plan your retirement.
  • You wish to plan your inheritance.
  • One of your family members is deceased and you want to know whether they had any unknown accrued funds.
  • You are just curious.

Once you have validated your search request, you don't have to do anything else, except be patient! You will receive a letter when we have received the results.

It may take several weeks to receive answers for requests. You must keep in mind that over 1,500 pension funds will be scanned. It generally takes 60 to 80 days to know the institutions in which your funds are hiding, and then an additional thirty days to repatriate them.


A description of the different organizations and terms related to providence.

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Simply put, LPP/BVG, 2nd Pillar, occupational pension fund and pension fund organisation are synonyms and refer to the institution to which you pay your contributions when you turn 25. These contributions are divided equally between your employer and yourself.

The 2nd Pillar Central Office is the liaison office between the occupational benefit institutions (also called 2nd Pillar or LPP/BVG) and the insured. Its purpose is to reconnect the insured with the institutions. It does not manage any insured party account or any accrued funds. This service is funded by the Confederation and the searches are free of charge for the applicant.

This is your 2nd Pillar termination benefit. When you terminate gainful employment or change your employer, it is your responsibility to have your accrued occupational pension funds transferred to the new pension fund. The pension fund organisation of your former employer generally writes to you asking for the address of the new institution.

Quite frequently, the employee does not respond and omits to inform their former pension fund organisation about the institution to which the accrued vested benefits must be transferred. These are known as unclaimed funds. After a maximum period of two years, if the pension fund has not been notified about where to transfer the money, the accrued funds are transferred to an account at the Confederation Substitute Occupational Benefit Institution. This public institution manages the unclaimed vested benefits until their legitimate beneficiary comes forward. The interest rate of the Substitute Occupational Benefit Institution is 0.30% in 2023.

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