Kala process

How does it work?

Simplified process

Three minutes is all it takes for the applicant to fill in their request on their smartphone. They then waits patiently for a few weeks until they receive a notification or email informing them that accrued funds have been found and that they can proceed to repatriate them.

All repatriation procedures can be carried out digitally without having to meet an advisor.

  1. The applicant completes the request free of charge on the Kala application or website in less than 3 minutes.
  2. The applicant will receive a notification when the results are available.
  3. The applicant can proceed to repatriate his assets, without having to step out.
  1. The applicant fills the search request form for the 2nd Pillar Central Office.
  2. The applicant sends the request form by post (CHF 1).
  3. The applicant receives information about where the money is located (but not the amount).
  4. The applicant files requests with pension fund organisations to know the accrued funds in the accounts.
  5. The applicant sends letters (CHF 1 to CHF 3 depending on the number of pension funds).
  6. The applicant receives an account statement of each pension fund account by post.
  7. The applicant fills forms to repatriate the money in each pension fund.
  8. The applicant's repatriated amounts are credited to the vested benefits accounts of their choice.

Make a request without delay

Insert your personal data, take a photo of your ID card and sign with your finger to start the search.

Be patient

Over 1,500 pension funds will be scanned, this procedure generally takes 60 to 80 days. Once we have your results, we will send you a push notification and email.

Repatriate your money

When you receive the notification, go to our application to repatriate your accrued funds in less than two minutes. You can ask for technical assistance during office hours.

Manage your account and your family

You can use the same application to create requests for other members of your family. They must sign to confirm the request. If you are a professional such as a lawyer, notary or bank and insurance advisor, ask for information about our PRO version.

Sign with your finger

Kala will ask for only one signature, on your smartphone and without your leaving your couch.

The results are free of charge

The search among the 1,500 pension institutions is free and without obligation. What's more, you save and estimated CHF 8 in postal charges required for the conventional procedure.

Kala - processus
Kala - processus

Well? Convinced?
Try it, the search is fast and free.