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How to transfer your vested benefits?

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How to transfer your vested benefits?

Have you left your old job and are wondering how to transfer your vested benefits to your new pension fund? This article will guide you through the process, providing detailed and accurate information.

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What are Vested Benefits?
  3. Why Transfer Your Vested Benefits?
  4. How to Transfer Your Vested Benefits?
  5. Transfer Options
  6. Transfer Abroad
  7. Tax Implications
  8. Special Considerations
  9. Steps to Follow for the Transfer
  10. Conclusion


When you change jobs in Switzerland, you also need to transfer your vested benefits from your old pension fund to the new one. This process may seem complex, but with the right information, it can be managed efficiently and stress-free.

What are vested benefits?

Vested benefits are the amounts you have accumulated in your pension fund during your employment. These sums are dedicated to your retirement and are usually invested by the pension fund to generate returns. In Switzerland, transferring these funds is a mandatory step when you change jobs.

Why transfer your vested benefits?

Transferring your providence assets is important for several reasons. Firstly, it ensures that your funds continue to be invested and grow for your retirement. Secondly, it allows you to retain all the benefits associated with these funds, such as disability and death benefits.

How to transfer your vested benefits

The process of transferring your providence assets depends on your personal situation. In most cases, you will need to contact your old pension fund and provide them with the details of your new pension fund. They will then take care of the transfer. Sometimes, you may need to fill out a transfer form and submit it to your new pension fund.

Transfer options

There are several options for transferring your providence assets. You can choose to transfer them to a vested benefits account, a bank account type, or opt for a vested benefits policy with an insurance company. If you do not react, your old pension institution may transfer your vested benefits to the substitute institution.

Transfer abroad

If you leave Switzerland to work abroad, the transfer of your providence assets may be more complex. In some cases, you can request a cash payout of your assets. However, this may have tax implications, so it is recommended to consult a tax advisor before making a decision.

Tax implications

Transferring your providence assets may have tax implications. In Switzerland, the transferred amount is not taxable. However, if you withdraw your assets in cash, they will be taxed. Therefore, it is important to plan your transfer carefully to minimize your tax burden.

Special considerations

There are a few special considerations to take into account when transferring your providence assets. For example, if you plan to become self-employed, you may need to transfer your assets to a pension fund for the self-employed.

Steps to follow for the transfer

  • Contact your old pension fund to inform them of your intention to transfer your assets.
  • Provide your old pension fund with the details of your new pension fund.
  • Fill out the transfer form, if necessary.
  • Follow the instructions provided by your old pension fund to finalize the transfer.
  • Check with your new pension fund that the funds have been correctly transferred.


Transferring your providence assets is an important step when you change jobs. It is essential to understand the process and take the appropriate measures to ensure a smooth transfer. With careful planning and a good understanding of your options, you can maximize your providence assets and prepare for a comfortable retirement.

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