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How many people are affected by 2nd pillar asset losses?

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How many people are affected by 2nd pillar asset losses?

Billions of Swiss francs are currently left dormant in over 1.4 million 2nd pillar vested benefits accounts. Discover how to locate your money and prevent it from being forgotten.

On average, each citizen between 25 and 65 years old has CHF 12’838 in vested benefits!

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What Is the 2nd pillar?

The 2nd pillar is one of the three pillars of the Swiss pension system. It represents mandatory occupational pension provision, complementing the AVS (1st pillar) to enable insured individuals to maintain their usual standard of living in retirement.

And vested benefits?

When an employee leaves a job without immediately taking up another, their 2nd pillar assets are transferred to a vested benefits account. This account is managed by a pension institution until the insured person returns to employment or reaches retirement age.

The scope of the problem: billions unclaimed

According to various sources, nearly 55 billion Swiss francs are currently unclaimed, with 16 billion lost to the Supplementary Fundation. This issue affects 1 in 5 working individuals in Switzerland.

Why are these assets unclaimed?

There are multiple reasons for this abandonment. Often, pension institutions do not receive the account holder's address during the fund transfer. It also happens that insured individuals forget to report a change of address.

The consequences: modest but significant assets

Although the unclaimed sums are generally modest (around 12,500 Swiss francs on average), they represent significant savings for their owners. Moreover, these assets could be invested more profitably if their owners were aware of them.

An increase in inquiries

Inquiries about vested benefits under the LPP have never been more numerous. People are asking questions and seeking solutions tailored to their situation in terms of time and return.

A growing market

As explained, the vested benefits market represents approximately 55 billion Swiss francs spread across nearly 1700 institutions in Switzerland. These companies must assist individuals leaving their pension funds who must now take control of their retirement assets.

How do you get your money back?

It is essential to take control of your retirement assets. Choosing the right investment is crucial to maximize your savings and prepare for retirement carefully.

Thanks to the 2nd Pillar Central Office and companies like Kala, it is now easier than ever to find your 2nd pillar money. Don't let your savings be forgotten. Take control of your savings and prepare for your retirement with peace of mind.

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